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From the adventures of Giant Little told in fairytale fashion at this Web site comes the poem here:

                                                  CATSTER'S WAR POEM

                                                                       By  Marilynn Stark

  "Where e're there is a peaceful and loving heart, 

So will peace and love nourish those contrary.

     Fear not for those who out of fear would abolish,

     For you can with compassion's courage take on the tallest.

     If one would ask of you surrender,

     Let it be only your hand of duty you would then tender.

     Duty to others from heart's truest harbor

     Will fell any enemy though even the larger.  

     For who can measure the size of love exact

     Which has the power to conquer in fact? 

     Stay thou in honesty's hold; be of good word,

     And any who thus knows you will also he heard.

     From these planks thus thou shouldst build a world


     Whereupon will work wonders e'en through battle's


     Thy heart thou must tender in God's loving trust,

     Whose ultimate sovereignty will evil obfusc;

     For though he may spend his life towards your ruination,

Thy enemy brilliant cannot usurp thy own salvation.

     They say to turn thy cheek for the strike of its other,

     How fitting and true -- the enemy's mind you will so uncover.

     For the mind of evil knows not its own source,

     And threatens and destroys in its resultant course;

     A course which defies reason and the love of thy heart

     For God's great goodness and any course He would chart.

     The mind of evil extracted is mere conviction

     That to destroy is ever safe towards security's depiction.

     Thus painting in life through deeds desultory

     All measure of harm and intent so refractory,

     The evil contenders may soon gather and band

     To forfeit more certainly any hope for goodness's remand.

     All of this, my dear charges, is the face of the wide world,

     Which wears two sides, though could be seen as unity unfurled.

     For those who might solve this vast puzzle or attempt it

     Through tedium's task will soon pre-empt it.

     For they will pre-empt the stolid conviction of mind

     Of perfidy's own source and all of its own kind

     With erudition and precept so shining and true,

     That just seeing it will protect the seer, just as sure as I see you.

For all of duality's hold in misery, if seen instead

As the nature of all things in-and-through read,

Will tender the mind a transcendent view

Upon reality's visage; thus will it misery eschew,

     Since evil and good are always at bother

     Against and again at one the other;

     Each side says this is true, not that,

     While evil does harm through a tit for a tat;

     The mind for good will this undo,

     And wait out the 'this' for 'that's' construe.

     The wait takes courage and principle strong,

     While each determination proves evil to be wrong.

     For to enter into hurt's employ is itself a block,

     So that vision of goodness will run amok.

     And as such runners will try to lead as if from light,

     Their eyes quite samblind, they create further fright.

     For the truth of courage is founded in peace,

     In a trial through non-hurt without surcease.

     Those evil contenders in world's array

     Lead only to false incrimination's fray.

     This leads to wider war across various times,

     So to ring God's universal bell for all mankind.

     No one truly savors war except the mad, the fallen,

     So that they can climb delusion's ladder to supremacy's calling.

     Yet those so pitted against evil's collective grip as to wax war

     See through the madness and would evil's supremacy abhor.

     That is why good will engage in destruction at last,

     And evil takes war to be now their concept finally held fast.

     For them is the principle of non-hurt so refuted,

     Yet good still believes non-hurt not even thus so disputed.

     Of the two who contend in battle, the bad or the good,

     The one who was driven there against a should

     Will be the more mighty, will conquer and have say

     Of ultimate mind for peace, for civility's returning day.

     Thus will war enlighten you, you see, dear youths;

     And now will Catster end for this day his say of endless truths.

Marilynn Stark 

                                                                                2004    All Rights Reserved 

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